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COPP Heroes of Hayling Island

HRH Prince of Wales Patron.

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Stealthily by Night
Steathily by Night - The Coppists Clandestine Beach Reconnaissance and Operations in World War II by Ian Trenowden. Second hand copies of this are available from or
The Secret Invaders
The Secret Invaders - book by Bill Strutton and Michael Pearson about how the COPPists were trained, and how they carried out the reconnaissance of enemy beaches. It has a forward by Lord Mountbatten and it was first published in 1958. Second hand copies of it are available from or
Special Forces Heroes
Special Forces Heroes by Lord Ashcroft - includes details about Sergeant Bruce Ogden-Smith of COPP 1 who reconnoitred the D Day landing beaches. See
The Imperial War Museum houses Lord Ashcroft's collection of gallantry medals awarded to servicemen for Special Forces or Commando type operations. These medals include those of Sergeant Bruce Ogden-Smith
Survey by Starlight
Survey by Starlight - An account of the exploits of COPP 5 by Ralph Neville (pseudonym for Ralph Stanbury of COPP 5). Second hand copies of this are available from or
Prelude to Assault
Prelude to Assault by Ralph Neville (pseudonym for Ralph Stanbury of COPP 5)- previously published as Survey by Starlight - see above. Second hand copies of this are available from or
Half Seas Under
Half Seas Under by Ruari McLean of COPP 7.
Aavailable from or
Sailors Luck
Sailor's Luck by G Hall of COPP 7 - published in 1999
Available from or
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Our new 16 page A5 booklet puts the COPP Memorial into context as the centrepiece in our Hayling Island WWll Heritage Trail, which covers the southern coast of the island and its many other aspects of the Hayling wartime scene - Mulberry Harbour construction, AA gunsite, landing craft training and repair, plus the D-Day rehearsals.

A 16 page booklet has also been produced about the COPP Heroes by the Discover Hayling team. 
If you would like a copy, please send an A5 envelope with a first class stamp, to COPP Heroes Memorial Fund, c/o 50 Bacon Lane, Hayling Island, PO11 0DW and a cheque made payable to COPP Heroes Memorial Fund for £2.00

Notice boards strategically placed around Hayling Island

National Coverage
The Times
20th October 2012

Britain at War
May 2012
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